Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sturm und Drang

... or Storm and Stress ... and I am darned tired of them. (Are you proud of me? I said "darned," not "fucking." Yay for me. I am trying to cut down on and eventually stop cursing altogether, since I don't want to fuck up the kidlets. I mean screw them up. Mess them up? Hm, I see this is going to be a long process.)

I didn't blog this weekend because (A) I felt rotten -- this pregnancy crap is for the birds; and (B) I'm just so tired of my own drama. I wanted to post something cheerful but it seemed inappropriate, at least until we get past the amnio on Oct. 23. Also, really, I couldn't think of anything cheerful.

But I'll go over my Friday appointments briefly. I toodled up the road to my HMO with the expectation that I'd be there a while, and I wasn't wrong. At 9:15 I saw Dr. S, one of the female docs my IVF doc had recommended (that Nurse Barely Helpful wouldn't let me have because Dr. S. works part time), and she was just lovely. I immediately preferred her to Dr. Blinky. I just felt that she really listened. Also, she put me on extra iron and calcium (which Dr. Blinky hadn't said a word about), and when her ultrasound machine acted up, signed me up for an ultrasound next week in Radiology (where they presumably have the good machines). And I could chat with Dr. S while clad in nothing but a blue paper gown and feel perfectly comfortable. I am going to have to find out if it's too late to switch.

Dr. S. also ordered a blood glucose test (to be taken while I was waiting anyway for my next appointment), and that was an interesting experience. (She said they like to do one early in pregnancy for women carrying twins, as well as the one they do later). I went to the lab she told me to, found a "closed" sign on it, went to the lab in the East building and found a line of about 15 people waiting. So then I waddled off to the hospital lab, found no line and got right in. They gave me the famous orange drink, which I had to chug to get it down in time to complete the whole test before my next appointment. The orange drink really wasn't bad at all, though my tummy told me it was a bit acidic. When they took the blood an hour later, it hurt like the dickens, for some reason. That happened to me the last time I had blood drawn, too. Must have a nerve there.

Then I rushed back to the West building (where I had started out) for my appointment with the nutritionist, found she was running late, and went over to the pharmacy to pick up a Rx for clindomycin gel for my preggo acne. Of course I went to the wrong pharmacy and had to go to a different one. More up and down halls, up and down stairs ... this all sounds easy, but I have turned into a short-winded chubby preggo lady, and I was getting very tired by that time. Why does my HMO apparently have no elevators?

Finally made it to my appointment with the nutritionist. Fifteen years younger than me and extremely sure of herself. She gave me some tips on diet that should prove useful, and admonished me to take my iron supplements well away from my calcium and dairy. This is easier said than done since I am also basically supposed to be eating six meals a day. She also said I had already gained more than I should have at this point, and I just don't believe that. I am 13 weeks and have gained 13 pounds, and what's wrong with that? If you look at me, I have not gained any weight anywhere on my body except for my belly and boobs. My cheekbones even look hollow.

I have been going by Dr. Barbara Luke's book, WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING TWINS, TRIPLETS, OR QUADS, who advocates gaining a pound a week if you're carrying twins. She also advocates gaining the weight early, since in your final trimester (well, what there is of it, since you're also likely to drop 'em early) you are apt to have your stomach all squoze up by the passengers riding in your belly, and thus not be able to eat that much. Since I have the hiatal hernia, I am pretty sure that will be true in my case. At any rate, the question is, do I believe this 20-something nutritionist who is not known for anything in particular in her field, or do I take the advice of a nutritionist who for six years ran the Multiples clinic at the University of Michigan? I would far rather have to take off an extra 10 or 15 pounds than have low birth weight babies, and think that it was because I didn't feed them enough.

I eventually escaped the HMO, dropped by Burger King for a Whopper with cheese (33 mg protein, woo hoo!), and did a little grocery shopping afterward. I got home about 3, and was bushed. I mean, absolutely whacked. I could hardly put one foot in front of another. I fell into bed about 3:30, and didn't wake up until D. came and got me at 6:30, looking for his dinner. (Well, he claims he would have fixed dinner had I but asked. I will be testing that theory soon.)

But even though I got myself awake enough to make some spaghetti, I was still exhausted. I really didn't recover until the next day. And that is what I've noticed lately -- I just have no stamina. Anything exhausts me.

I guess that's gestation for you.


Blogger chris said...

Gain the weight, I say. And I used the same excuse for a whopper.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Lesa said...

Of course you should ignore the young gal on weight gain. Let me tell you, these guidelines change every year with the professionals. When I had my twins nearly 12 years ago, Kaiser was begging me to go for 50 pounds. I think I managed 43 and I had hollow cheeks the entire ten months. (yes, thats rights, the boogers were full term at 39.5 weeks) I think 13 pounds in 13 weeks sounds... dainty to me! Eat up my wise friend!

5:16 PM  
Blogger Thalia said...

Hetty, I've just been catching up, I'm so glad that things seem to be ok post the reduction. Long (6 months long) may that continue.

2:55 PM  

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