Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wagons ho!

Two of our very good friends here -- Aunt S and Uncle W -- gave the boys this Little Red Wagon for their birthday. I stick them in it and schlep them around the property every once in a while. They love it, but close to 60 pounds of toddler bouncing over gopher holes is hard on Mommy's back!


Blogger chris said...

They are really beautiful!

And yes, regarding your comment, we have the same chair issue. They go into the dining room when we're not eating (which makes sense if you know we always eat in the kitchen). It's a pain because there's a big gate they have to go over. I suppose metal chairs would be easier, but the six-year old and folding chairs don't go together. And we had to get rid of the highchairs a while back because they won't stay in them. I swear, people with singletons don't know! I didn't.

Change!a diaper!

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