Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's late and I'm pooped as usual, but I have to get this down. (It occurs to me that there's an awful lot of "poop" around this house, what with the boys producing it and me being pooped so much!) D usually gets the boys up, but he slept in this morning and I had the honor of seeing them first thing. As usual, I spent the first few moments after I went in going from one crib to the other, just saying hi. Sam was already standing up, and as I patted his little back, he pointed past me to the doorway and said, very clearly, "Kih...tee!"

Startled, I looked where he was pointing, and there in the open doorway sat our big orange tomcat, John Carter. "Kitty" indeed! The reason it was so startling was that Sam hasn't really used words before. Actually, he had reverted lately to saying only "Ba!" for all occasions, and I was starting to worry about him a little. He had said ma-ma-ma and similar in the past, but every time he said what sounded like a word, I couldn't get him to repeat it. But this time, excited by the prospect of a real live cat only a few feet away (I'm being slightly sarcastic here -- our boys are both inundated by cats all day long!), Sam actually repeated "kitty" two or three times.

So, I think this was a "first word" for Sam. Which amuses me, as I remember telling D that our kids' first word would have to be kitty!

Gus is still working on a first word. He appears to use the syllables "die die" to mean Daddy, but since he will also walk around pointing at random objects and saying "die die," it's still a little unclear. He also says ma-ma-ma but again, the meaning is unclear. The sound he makes that amuses me the most is a kind of shushing hiss, that he makes when he is pleased with something! I have no idea how he decided that a hiss was a good thing. Maybe it is a corruption of "yes?"

Well, who knows. But just remember, hiss if you feel happy! And point at any and all available "kih-tee!"


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