Sunday, April 05, 2009

First sentence

Well, some decade I am going to complete The Blog Post That Ate Manhattan (otherwise known as chronicling the boyos' second birthday party and otherwise just generally Catchng Up) but I cannot seem to dig myself out from under the giant stack of undone things around here, so I am going to content myself at the moment with one little anecdote:

Tonight, D and I were tag-team diapering Sam on the changing table, while Gus lounged around in his crib, waiting for us to get to more important things (i.e., Gus). (D and I usually diaper the boys together if we are both home, since they are INCREDIBLY "roll-y" and fairly uncooperative about holding still for such things. And if they are poopy and rolly at the same time ... well, 'nuff said.) D was clapping Sam's hands together and I was chatting up Sam in an effort to keep him from howling (about what, I don't remember -- Sam's version of the Terrible Twos is to cry at the drop of a hat, usually about something that Gus wouldn't even notice), and I said, "Sam-sam! Can you say, 'Mama loves me?'"

And from the crib behind us came a gravelly little toddler voice: "Mama ... uuuuhhhves .... me."

I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest, but of course D hadn't even heard Gus, so I coaxed him into saying it again. Gus turned his head sideways at first and was coy about repeating it, but at last he grinned, and then said again:

"Mama. Uuuhhhhhves. Me!"

Oh, my lord yes, baby. Yes, I do. I do, I do.


Blogger Fraulicious said...

Oh, how sweet. What a first sentence. When I think my girl's first words were fish and shoe ... I've clearly been having the wrong priorities :)

7:29 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever heard.

4:15 AM  

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