Thursday, June 04, 2009


I can't believe how much Sam has been talking lately (at 2 yrs + 2.5 mos). His language skills are just exploding. Gus is also a little talker but Sam is our chatterbox at the moment. We drove over to the art museum in Sonoma today to see the Rembrandt etching exhibition there (although it was their first trip to an art museum, the boys were not impressed, but then the etchings averaged 3"x4" so who could even see them?), and on the way over D amused himself with teaching Sam the phrase, "Sam little parrot!" Which he is. But still. It's undignified, don't you think?

The latest utterance to crack me up came from Sam this morning. I was fixing their breakfast (instant waffles with peanut butter and bananas smeared on top) and heard Sam muttering something a few feet away. I looked over and saw him energetically attempting to scale the stove, while simultaneously shaking his head and saying, "No climb up! No climb up!"

When I finished snorting my coffee, I agreed, "No, Sam, no climb up!" and he obligingly quit trying to actually climb up. But I couldn't not laugh, though I tried. I was picturing the classic angel and devil on each shoulder -- "Climb up, Sam!" "No, no, no climb up!"

Sam cries and hurls himself on the floor at the drop of a hat these days, too. Gus still has a trace more equanimity, though I fear it's just a matter of time until Gus enters the crying fit Olympics as well. However, Sam seems to be getting in his two-year molars at the moment, so maybe it's just teething pains.

It's hell being two, isn't it? But oh, they're funny little ducks!