Thursday, August 16, 2007

Five months today

It's late and my eyelids are drooping, so this won't be as long as it should be ... but five months ago today at this time, I was holding a sleeping little Sam (as yet unnamed) on my chest and trying to stop shaking after my one-hour-before_midnight C-section. (Gus had a little bit of a breathing problem when he first arrived and had been whisked off to the nursery for observation, so I didn't get to hold him until the next day.)

I had never been around babies (well, not human babies -- though lots of, um, cat babies!) and didn't know what to expect. But the one thing I never expected was that both of our boys would turn out to be as charming and delightful as they indeed are. Sam is still our Smilin' Sam, and nothing makes him as happy as hangin' with Mommy and Daddy (well, unless you count "kicky kicky" -- the boy is a livewire, I'm tellin' ya. That marathon running his dad does must be in the genes!). Sam is a charmer, with long dark eyelashes and eyes that are turning a lovely shade of green, and it's completely impossible for me to walk by him in his little bouncer or hanging out on his blanket without stopping for a chat. And our Gus is a little more reserved, but he's a darling too, with eyes like little blue morning glories, and a strong desire to communicate with us. (This morning his pre-verbalisms were very tonal -- he sounded like he was speaking Chinese!)

That said, they are indeed human babies, and therefore cry at inconvenient times and spit up until I'm soaked, and in general do the annoying things that babies are wont to do. But their personalities are so cheery and sweet. I really had no idea babies were so much fun.

And in Breaking News, Gus and Sam are both rolling over and propping themselves on their elbows! That happened just in the last four days or so. Oh, dear ... crawling, here we come!


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