Friday, May 18, 2007

The Smilin' Boys

A brief post here to note that both of the boys are smiling now! Gus smiled very briefly at me a couple of days ago, and my heart nearly flew out of my chest. It was the cutest smile, a happy little ray of light blinking briefly from behind clouds. (He retreated to a frown immediately afterward -- Gus is quite an accomplished frowner already. More than one person has told me that his frown looks just like mine. Not sure that's a great thing, but there it is.)

Naturally, I just about killed myself racing to tell D about The First Smile, who promptly declared it either gas or a figment of my imagination. (D has an unfortunate habit of discounting things I tell him. Annoying, to say the least.)

But this morning I was nursing Gus, and D burst into the room I was in to declare that Sam had smiled at him for the first time! D was clearly elated, and I was very nice indeed and didn't try to pass it off as mere gastrointestinal disturbance. (This is why I'm going to get the Wife of the Year Award, right?) And then a little while later, after I had been nursing him, Sam smiled at me -- about four times in a couple of minutes! Clearly, having mastered the new skill, he wanted to show it off. It was just darling, and different from his brother's smile -- a shy-looking, sweet little smile that flicked on and off again. So adorable.

I tell ya, we live for moments like this around here.


Blogger Thalia said...

Sounds really wonderful Hetty, I'm so pleased things are going so well.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam and Gus sound adorable (and what distinguished names!). It is lovely to read how utterly happy you all are.


2:02 AM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Hi Ann, great to see how the boys look and that they seem to be progressing well! I am 31 wks today! Lynn

7:32 PM  

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