Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kitty watching

Gus noticed a kitty today.
The pic is not of Gus noticing the cat ... though the surprised expression on his face was much the same as when he was staring at our fuzzball this morning. (Sam is on the left; Gus is on the right.) But I thought the pic might help me apologize for being absent for so long from this space. :)
I had put Gus down on our bed to re-swaddle him (for about the zillionth time -- we call both the boys our Little Houdinis because they can undo most swaddles in no time flat when they want to), and it happened to be right beside our old blind cat, Georgina. (She is a bit decrepit, in addition to being blind -- but she still loves to be picked up and held on my shoulder, and still enjoys her catfood, so I don't see her as a candidate for the Big Scratching Post in the Sky yet.)
And for the first time, Gus noticed her! It was wonderful to see the expression of awe on his little chubby face, and to see him reaching, unsuccessfully, to grab her long tortie fur. So while he ogled her, I stood there and told him all about kitties, and how they don't really like to be grabbed, and how they are our friends ... and of course all that was solely for my benefit, not his, at this age!
His attention lasted for about a minute and that was it. Which was just as well since I wanted to swaddle him and get on with my own agenda. But it was wonderful to see him really see something. How cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just found your blog and it has been an interesting read. Your journey is incredible and your boys are absoluetly gorgeous. I am so happy for you. Your blog gives me inspiration, that is is possible at 43.

Enjoy your bundle of joy.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are so, so, so cute and I love their names - just love them!

- Suz (Google wouldn't let me sign in).

5:46 AM  
Blogger moo said...

Hey welcome back - great photo!! Post when you can, you must be incredibly busy! xxmoo

4:44 AM  

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