Saturday, May 26, 2007

Welcome to the Vale of Tears, kiddo

Gus cried his first real tears this week. And I thought I was gonna die.

D was taking care of Gus, and he had left him on the bed (in the middle, on his back, definitely safe place) while he went off to wash his hands after a particularly noisome change. Gus took exception to this and was crying his head off. When I poked my head in to see what all the fuss was about, I discovered Gus lying on his back (as described above), howling away -- with two perfect little tear tracks streaking his perfect little round cheeks. Which just about broke my heart. God only knows how I'll deal with it when they really have something to cry about.

In other news, both boys had their first immunizations this week. I read up on immunizations, then D and I discussed it, then Dr. G (their pediatrician) and I discussed it... and like most other people, we decided to go forward with immunizations. For the obvious reasons -- the odds of them becoming significantly ill from immunizations are way less than the odds of them becoming significantly ill, should they be exposed to someone with whooping cough, or step on a rusty nail. We play the odds around here, and the odds said they were safer getting the shots. But still. A mother worries.

(We did skip the rotovirus shot. These boys will not be in any kind of daycare situation for at least 3 years, and Dr. G said that was where kids are most likely to be exposed to rotovirus [which apparently makes you vomit and then your head spins around], and also the immunization is only a year old. Heck, I don't try new meds on my cats, let alone my kids, unless it is a life-or-death and all the old stuff has been trotted out already.)

The jury is still out on their reactions in total. Gus had his shots on Wednesday and Sam had his on Friday. This necessitated a second trip to Our Homongous HMO for Sam's shots, but I did NOT want TWO fussing babies at once. Turns out that Gus was the fusser and Sam (at least to date) has taken it more philosophically. Gus looked sad and annoyed for two solid days and ran a tiny bit of fever, whereas Sam cried his head off at the office but then quieted down for a field trip to T@rget (our first!) and has been his regular self since then. (Re going to T@rget -- we have a Snap and Go Double stroller, and I discovered that if you have only one infant carrier in the double stroller instead of two, there is LOTS of room in the basket below to stash merchandise. Good to know.)

But Gus seems back to normal now, and is on his way to being protected against lovely things like diptheria and polio. (D's dad had polio when he was a kid, and was in the hospital for a year. And he still ended up with a wizened leg that gave him problems all his life.) So I feel good about them being protected. But it was hard, hard, hard to see their little legs being stabbed with needles... oy vey. And the resultant wails.


A mother worries, nu?


Blogger Char said...

I just came accross your blog as a link from Galloping Cats and am SO glad I did! Love your blog! Luvvit luvvit luvvit! I'll be back for more reading, that's for sure. It's awesome to hear a HAPPY ending to the bane of infertility... Been there, done that, no happy ending yet. But still semi-hopeful. Not a happy hoper though. Tired of hoping! That's why I really enjoyed finding your Happy Ending! Yay!

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