Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give thanks!

Just a quick update so that I can hop into bed, so that we can rise bright and early to go down to Monterey tomorrow. But I have to say that yesterday was one of my most thankful days in a long, long time. Dr. Tex treated us to a freebie ultrasound so that we could see just what was going on with Sinister's spine. (The Baby A and Baby B thing is just too confusing for me, since it changes every time! So the right side baby is Dexter and left is Sinister. I hope this does not give Sinister a complex.)

And the answer was ... absolutely nothing interesting was going on with Sinister's spine, or with his tiny little head, except for absolutely normal growth. Dr. Tex showed us how all the structures in the brain were normal, and also how the skin followed the spine, unbroken along the entire length. Normal. Just plain old normal.

Dr. Tex also showed us how the sac of one of the reduced fetuses is pressed right up against Sinister's sac. Since the membranes are permeable, Dr. Tex said it was very possible that the cholinesterase (what the AFP measures) was migrating through the membranes a little and screwing up the measurement. He said this was an ongoing problem with multiple fetuses and with fetal reductions. He further said (O happy day!) that it was his definite professional opinion that little Sinister is just fine.

Both D & S are at about 13 - 14 oz, and right on target for growth (at the 70th - 80th percentile for their age). They are fine, fine, fine.

I thought I was walking on a cloud as I left the office.

I regret to report, though, that today, only 24 or so hours later, that warm glow of thankfulness has dimmed a bit. Is this just human nature or am I really that shallow? I'd like to think I'm not abnormally shallow, and that this is just the normal state of things -- no one can walk around in a pink cloud 24/7; you'd bump into things.

But as D and I held hands before our little Thanksgiving dinner tonight and talked about what we were thankful for, a little of that pink glow came back. I hope it always will, on this day, as I recall at last getting the good news from Ghent.


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