Saturday, December 23, 2006

Better days

Well, today is better. (This despite getting up FIVE times last night, and finally saying to hell with it and getting up for the day at 6 a.m. D's apocalyptic snoring all night did not help matters.) But I got in a lovely nap this afternoon, and my SIL's beautiful azure-eyed Ragdoll cat (who actually resembles a Himalayan more) has decided I'm okay. Actually, after me sneaking him a few pieces of cheddar, I have about decided that in his mind, I'm now "Aunt Cheese." But he's a sweet cat, and it helps keep me from going through what D and I term "kitty withdrawal."

And for a lovely -- and astonishing -- holiday story that brought happy tears to my eyes (since I've been following her story for some time now), bounce over to Barren Mare and give her your congratulations!


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