Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random notes

Just a few notes on various things:

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For the first time today, I caved and asked my husband to apply lotion to my feet after I took a shower. I just cannot reach those oversized tugboats anymore. Or rather, I can, but only by seriously squishing my middle, and that hurts. And my feet desperately need lotion nowadays, since they have decided to swell up like puffball mushrooms after rain. They are ENORMOUS. And that stretching of the skin doesn't feel very good. (Hm, ya think?)

I did check out the swelling and slight purple-ness with my doc at our last interview, and she cheerily informed me that not only is it normal to have gigantically swollen feet when one is carrying mults, but also that I can expect my calves to swell, too. (Why don't I hate my OB? She tells me the most appalling things in the sweetest, most reasonable way. I really ought to deck her. The problem is, though, that she listens to my multitude of anxious questions and never, ever becomes impatient with me, unlike most male docs I've encountered. I guess I have to keep her.)

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We got a recliner today! I have been thinking about this for a while, but was deterred by the price tag and the fact that I've never lived with a recliner and didn't know if I'd like it or not. Then someone suggested Craig's List ... and that did it. I found a nice brown leather one, a trifle antiquated but in good shape, being put up for sale by a birth educator (hah! how ironic) who needed more space in her living room for her classes.

To make space for the recliner in our tiny living room, we had to banish a wingback chair that is part of a set with our couch. Mind you, I like wingback chairs, but this was a particularly starchy one with a ramrod straight back, and no one but our cats had ever been able to sit in it comfortably. I felt a little bad about evicting the cats from one of their favorite perches -- but it turns out I needn't have worried.

I inaugurated the recliner tonight, as D and I watched episodes of HBO's "Rome" (courtesy Netflix), and found it very reasonably comfortable. Or at least, it beat out the couch (which inspires Braxton Hicks every time). I was still sore afterward, but we watched two whole hours without it absolutely killing me. I hadn't been in the recliner five minutes before almost every cat we owned demonstrated an interest in being in it with me. Finally, our gorgeous mahogany Manx Boomer, who is our shyest cat, actually jumped up on my lap! This achieves significance when I inform you that he never does that. He is what we call a "beside cat" -- one who will cuddle up beside you but never on you. This chair obviously has good vibes. A success all around!

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And on a far less cheery note, my SIL who is also 44 and also pregnant via IVF (just 1.5 weeks behind me) has been slammed into the hospital on bed rest because of her placenta previa. Frankly, I'm worried. She lost a previous baby at 21w, and it was a heartbreaking thing for her. And not only heartbreaking, but very difficult for her, um, mentally, if I can be a little blunt. I just pray that nothing happens again. Her baby ought to be viable at 28w if it comes to that, but it is still iffy. Please think good thoughts for her.


Blogger Suz said...

Ahh...the feet. I do not miss the puffy feet. And yes, the swelling started with the feet and moved up the calves. If it does get bad, your doctor might prescribe support hose. These look terrible but feel terrific and will keep the swelling down.

I will think good thoughts for your SIL; being on hospital bedrest is scary...

5:38 AM  
Blogger moo said...

Am thinking all good thoughts for your SIL. And you. I love the cats in the recliner story. Definite good omen for the recliner.

1:18 PM  
Blogger niobe said...

Prayers for your SIL. I recently lost twins -- one at 20 weeks and one who *should* have been viable at 26 weeks.

It was especially difficult because (very similar to your situation) *my* SIL was also pregnant, two weeks ahead of me, and she ultimately delivered a beautiful, healthy girl.

It makes me so happy to hear that your pregancy -- which I've followed from the beginning -- is going well. I feel that if I'm doomed to have bad luck, someone else ought to end up with the good fortune that somehow missed me.

4:58 AM  

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